JABA has been developing customised solutions since launching the business on January 1st, 2000 ... the day the millenium bug was supposed to wipe out computers.

In 2001 the South Australian Government awarded JABA a grant to work in the newly formed Innovation Centre with Microsoft as a partner to produce a content management system for websites. Today most websites have a CMS but back then this was new and considered an "innovative" development. After 6 months of work with Microsoft Australia  JABA released a website for Artlab - a government supported company that restores artworks and more for the museum and art gallery. This site was content managed using JABA CMSv1 ... and 12 months later JABA released CMSv2 which formed the backbone of JABA sites for the next 8 years. 


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JABA's core business is developing customised websites for a wide range of clients including governments, large corporations and small business. Choose a CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT or use our own JABA XPress CMS solution. Either way, we’ll make sure everything that’s referred to as ‘the back end’ isn’t an afterthought, it’s the engine that makes your website run brilliantly. We say "make it easy to use and it WILL get used". It doesn't end there, JABA Digital can provide a range of ongoing digital marketing services and JABA Drones can add that special slice of magic to your website ... don't be shy, just ask us.