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Asked to remember any of the 27 Adelaide Festival posters, most people mention the famous ‘burning Hills Hoist’ designed by Adrian Adams for Barry Kosky’s innovative program–imagery symbolising the heat and flair of the arts, perfectly combined with an industrial icon of the host city.

JABA created all marketing materials for the 2004 Adelaide Festival, working with Artistic Director Stephen Page to create imagery based around the theme of a ‘meeting place' – symbolised in Western cultures by a cross, in indigenous cultures by circles. The poster design incorporated both these elements and created an opportunity for the event's major sponsor, Adelaide Bank, to integrate their logo with the new image, using animation.

We created electronic marketing materials promoting the arts program within the Sydney Olympics: Festival of the Dreaming, A Sea Change and Reaching the World, including television graphics, interactive kiosks, electronic speaker supports and all print media.

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1996 Adelaide Festival

JABA creative director Adrian Adams' highlights include the design and production of the 1996 Adelaide Festival marketing campaign, featuring a "burning Hills Hoist" poster. The campaign included interactive kiosks (they  were really new then, don't laugh) and all printed and electronic marketing materials.

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2004 Adelaide Festival

JABA designed and produced all the marketing materials for the 2004 Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts. This included all the graphic design, internet site, television commercials and live multimedia presentations. JABA director, Adrian Adams, created the same in 1996 with a burning hills hoist.

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2000 Sydney Olympics

We created electronic marketing materials promoting the arts program within the Sydney Olympics: Festival of the Dreaming, A Sea Change and Reaching the World, including television graphics, interactive kiosks, electronic speaker supports and all print media.

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Sydney Dreaming

JABA designed posters and print materials and produced television commercials and interactive live presentations for the Sydney Olympic Park Authority and the Public Event Group. Many of the same team from the Sydney Olympics worked on this project.

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Click! NYE2000

South Australia's Millennium Event, Click! was JABA's first official project. This project had a 2 year build up culminating in 16 simultaneous events across the state on New Year's Eve 2000. Linked via the internet, live images from remote celebrations around the state were transmitted to the giant Clipsal Super Screen in Victoria Square in front of 300,000 people at the very time the world expected the Millennium Bug to wipe out computers.

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Moomba Festival

JABA Multimedia Design was commissioned by the Melbourne City Council to design and produce a new brand identity for Moomba. JABA worked with another Adelaide company APA (Arts Projects Australia) to create the official website, posters, signage, advertising and more.

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JABA worked with author Shirley Cameron Wilson to design and produce a book featuring early South Australian explorer John William Billiatt. Much of the content of the book was derived from hand written records made at the time Billiatt was exploring the outback.

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Sydney Entertainment

JABA produced an email based survey to promote the Sydney Entertainment Centre's drive to improve the venue for all stakeholders and patrons. Users that responded to the survey went into a draw to win an Apple Ipad. JABA continues to provide occasional support with online e-newsletters.

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JABA's very first content management system was created for Artlab via an Innovation Centre grant which enabled JABA to work with a team from Microsoft to develop JABA CMS V1. This work was done in 2001-02 and was leading edge website development at the time.

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Carclew's PLAYFULL assists educators to select vibrant Quality Accredited Performance and Workshops for South Australian students and provides up-to-date information on available Teacher Training and Development opportunities in the performing arts.

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Archangel Australia

Archangel Australia was a film documentary company headed by Gabrielle Kelly. JABA designed the brand and created graphics for various film projects as well as providing art direction in some productions. Gabrielle has since taken up the role as CEO of Thinkers in Residence.

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Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

JABA designed the CD cover artwork, disc artwork and event flyers for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Pink Floyd concert. The CD was recorded live from the Adelaide Festival Centre in 2009 and featured guest solo performers with the orchestra.

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Network TEN

JABA has been contracted to Network TEN since 2003 and has worked on a wide range of projects including graphic design for The Extreme Weather Calendars, posters for Big Brother and online viral marketing campaigns such as Jasmin's Getting Married.

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Sally Werner Designs

Sally Werner is a glass artist specialising in leadlight and mosaic with more than 25 years experience. Based in the Adelaide Hills’ picturesque town of Macclesfield, her work can be seen scattered throughout private and public spaces Australia wide. JABA designed and produced the website and provides ongoing photographic and maintenance services.

Visit Sally Werner Designs website

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Barrie Tucker Co.

Barrie Tucker is best known for his wine packaging and over the course of more than thirty years, his vision and inexhaustible creativity played a role in the Australian wine industry’s evolution into a sophisticated marketing driven entity. In his commercial work, he is still defining the cutting edge of contemporary wine design. JABA developed Barrie's original website and have since upgraded the site to showcase his work.

Visit Barrie Tucker Company website

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Furniture by Barrett

Barrett started “Furniture by Barrett” in 2001. His aim has always been to produce the highest quality handcrafted furniture possible for the person who can appreciate the “art” in a fine piece of timber furniture. Barrett would be thrilled to be given the opportunity to design and create a really special piece of top quality furniture for you, whatever your taste, be it decorative, hand carved, contemporary, or simply understated elegance.

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YouView Australia

YouView Australia offers a whole new world of independent entertainment bringing you films, short films, documentaries and music that you may not find anywhere else. Browse and buy a download or order on DVD and you'll be supporting independent artists everywhere. The website has e-commerce facilities for downloading video and music.

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The Nutshucker is a unique walnut opener that really works. A traditional Nut Cracker tends to crush the fragile walnut flesh, whereas a Nut Splitter lets you retrieve more, if not all of the kernel intact. Have fun opening walnuts and those pesky partially popped pistaccios the easy way with Nutshucker! Simply push the blade into the seam at the base of the shell and twist! JABA designed and produced the simple website.

Visit Nutshucker website

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Capri Theatre

The Capri is owned and operated by the Theatre Organ Society of Australia [South Australian Division] Inc., which is a not-for-profit music society. The theatre, built in 1941, is heritage listed and houses the Society’s world class theatre pipe organ with an installation which is unique in the world. JABA designed and produced the website featuring online ticket sales.

Visit The Capri website

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Stone Cap

Adelaide band Stone Cap commissioned JABA to design and produce the band's logo and a series of CD covers and disc art. Power Junkies was one of the CD titles produced for this three piece heavy metal band. The band does not have a website but you can visit their facebook page.

Visit Stone Cap Facebook page

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Carclew Youth Arts

Carclew Youth Arts is an organisation that develops and provides programs of excellence in all art forms for young people throughout South Australia. JABA designed and produced a vibrant website that featured artist profiles, polls, project information and all the latest news and stories. This website was originally produced using JABA's first content management system in 2002.

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