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Before launching, JABA-produced sites are hosted on our internal staging servers, for client checking and CMS training if required. JABA can then set up the URL and take care of site hosting requirements according to budget and web performance criteria. We work with established external ISPs such as Internode and Oz Hosting, as well as offer alternative hosting solutions through JABA. Options for ongoing website maintenance include 12-month contracts offering 10 or more hours at discounted rates, or smaller packages that allow clients to pre-purchase blocks of hours at a discounted rate for content creation, text updates, SEM consulting and more. Maintenance work is given a priority and most tasks are completed within 48 hours. A cliché perhaps, but JABA is the one-stop-shop for all website requirements.

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JABA services

OUR SERVICES include website design and production, content management systems, SEO, website hosting solutions, graphic design, corporate branding, mobile applications, speaker supports and other digital media applications. We also offer consultancy services relating to online strategies and we provide options for ongoing website maintenance and SEM campaigns. Read more >

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