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Price Guide

JABA Multimedia Design produces customised websites and other interactive media to specifically meet the outcomes and expectations of each client. The costs associated with each project can vary considerably depending on the brief. Quotes for work are based on the time taken for JABA staff to complete the tasks.

JABA will always want to provide a written quote based on a brief provided, but to give new or existing clients an idea of the kind of budgets required we have provided this Price Guide below ...

Static "Brochure" Websites

Typical Budget ranges from $3,000 up to $8,000

Our static or "brochure" websites provide affordable customised solutions for small businesses that create a significant web presence without the need for ongoing maintenance and high production costs. JABA can also provide single page "Responsive Design" websites that can work on desktop and mobile platforms. 
View a selection of Static Websites

Content Managed Websites

Typical Budget ranges from $5,000 up to $18,000

A wide range of JABA websites are controlled by our Content Management System (CMS), which continues to evolve with emerging technologies. The JABA CMS is specifically customised for each client, allowing editing of content via a web browser. The JABA CMS is currently used by government, large corporations and small businesses.
View a selection of CMS Websites

E-Commerce Websites

Typical Budget ranges from $8,000 up to $25,000

JABA is experienced with a wide range of e-commerce applications for websites design, integrating with all major Australian banks.  Some JABA websites simply sell products or software online, others sell club memberships, magazine subscriptions or create online auctions or online consultancy services that use a secure e-commerce facility.
View a selection of E-Commerce Websites

Content Creation

JABA provides services to create content specifically for websites and for other applications. These include video production, photography, animation, graphic design and audio. These services are all provided at our standard hourly rate of $140 per hour.

Maintenance Services

JABA offers different maintenance packages depending on the needs of each client. Contact us for more information.

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