Adagio Bed and Breakfast, a slow tempo and relaxing experience.

With the privacy of a private resort, Adagio Kangaroo Island offers a modern Bed and Breakfast located on the beachfront at Island Beach. The situated beach offers excellent swimming and walking opportunities with beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and relaxing experiences. It is regarded as one of the best beach fronts on Kangaroo Island. Enjoy the allure and charm of an immaculate beach, extraordinary landscapes, scrubland, native wildlife and modernised facilities with commendable service.


Adagio Kangaroo Island Bed and Breakfast required a modernised website development to reflect their updated facilities.

The Adagio Kangaroo Island website development utilised beautiful scenic imagery to present the iconic landscapes and wildlife surrounding their Bed and Breakfast. The website development also included navigation tiles for enhanced user experience courtesy of the JABA XPress platform. The modernised website design included greater calls to action for conversion of potential visitors. Adagio Kangaroo Island Bed and Breakfast's new website incorporates integration with Trip Advisor for greater lead conversion and improved user experience.




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