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4 Signs Your Website Is Outdated | JABA Blogs Adelaide

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As you’ve probably noticed already, the information technology industry moves at an incredible pace.

Programs, platforms and devices all come and go in the blink of an eye in what is the constant evolution of the online world. But most importantly, the online world is incredibly reactionary. Responding to market (consumer) demand is essential to all of the enormous tech companies such as Google, Apple and Samsung, which merely increases the rate of change within the industry. We’ve come a long way since the revolutionary ipod. (ipod’s came out in 2001, do you feel old right now? I do.)

Here are some signs to keep an eye out on your own website to see if you need an upgrade.

Mobile Responsivity

Having a mobile responsive website is a must in 2018 and beyond. Mobile friendly websites are essential to website design. According to Google’s latest updates and algorithms it is conceivable that building a website focused on mobile phone usage is of more benefit than designing predominantly for a desktop. When you consider how much you use your phone to look things up, you’ll quickly realise why this is the case. And as I mentioned earlier, Google is very reactionary to its users (that includes you!)


If you’re first thought is ‘what is metadata?’ then you definitely need a new website. Metadata is a title, description and keyword of every webpage that describes an overview of the content contained within. The title, description and keyword are used by search engines to rank the webpage against all other pages on the internet. This is why, for example, searching for a term such as 'website design Adelaide' will result in listings for any web developers in Adelaide that have the relevant matching words in their metadata (amongst other things!).

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing all utilise metadata to find your website in a keyword search. Having the right metadata will determine how easily your website is found by the public. Needless to say, the importance of being found through any search engine is incredibly important for a user or a potential client to find you and engage in business with you. It is also crucial for both businesses and non-profit organisation’s (NPO’s) to communicate with the wider community.

Metadata is an important contributing factor for search engine rankings, however getting your website found on search engines such as Google includes other factors. These factors include appropriate copywriting, well structured page content and refreshing and updating content among other things.

Read more about the Importance of Copywriting.

To find out more information about pricing for SEO and metadata driven copywriting you can contact us here.

Poor Calls to Actions

When people access your website, it needs to be clear for the user to find any calls to action. Don’t forget to align your calls to action with your marketing objectives. Calls to action lead users directly to the primary objective for your company, if set up correctly. This is an effective tool to drive your website traffic directly to your product or service.

Whether it be a phone number, point of contact form, booking link, buy now online or business location to drive traffic to you, the ability to prompt users through to find your product(s), information or start a conversation with you are a necessity for your website and more so your business.

Inconsistent Branding

If your branding or your marketing message has changed recently, but your website has been left in its wake, then you should definitely think about developing a new website. Your brand represents your business’ core values and unique identity and any inconsistent branding can weaken your identity which can have ripple effects throughout your business. Ensuring your website’s visual imagery and messaging matches your current branding focus can realign your business and the traffic that it generates.


Are your poor call to actions, meta data and inconsistent branding letting your website down? Speak to the team at JABA to find out how you can improve your online presence and get the edge over your competitiors. Call us on 08 8232 2655

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