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7 Reasons Why a Business Website is Essential | JABA Blogs Adelaide

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Express your company online.

You can't have too many salespeople spruiking the positive work of your business and generating leads. Some businesses overlook the importance of having a website designed to advertise the benefits and points of difference that you have to offer. So here are 7 reasons why you need a businses website.

Increase your credibility

Developing a company website is indispensable for credibility. Business owners and managers underestimate the frequency in which users will ‘look up’ their website. Whether to browse the products and/ or services available or to read information regarding your company, a website is an important tool in displaying all vital information to curious users.

Improve your sales

Your business needs sales to survive. Obviously. And your website should be constantly assisting you with sales. Either using an eCommerce website that sells products online, or developing a strong call to action contact form that generates leads for your business’ products and services. Being visible online leads to a greater attraction of customers, not just locally, but also interstate and even overseas.

Constant contact with your clients

Your website, along with your social media accounts are available 24/7 365 days a year. This constant ability to communicate to both your potential clients looking at your products and services as well as represent yourself in the local community is priceless. Don’t underestimate the incredible turn off that is a company’s lack of accessibility to a website. It is a great way to lose sales and disgruntle the community. Developing the right content can build a lasting relationship with both your clients and the community.

It’s cost effective

JABA XPress websites have a one-off cost, so you can budget your business accordingly. Whereas a shop front can be costly to purchase or rent. Furthermore, work from home entrepreneurs need a location for clients to gather. Where better than your website?

A strategically developed website with a strong online presence can provide extraordinary results with little upkeep costs. See the costs of a JABA Xpress Website.


Let’s face it, we are all seeking the most convenient and efficient way to do things in our everyday lives. Why not make your business convenient and easy to access? Nothing is worse than driving around, looking for a venue that you can’t find and frustratingly giving up and going home. Smart businesses understand this and display all the important information you need all in one convenient online location.


Marketing can sometimes go neglected, especially for small businesses. This is where a website becomes remarkably useful. Websites designed with a strong online presence act as a marketing tool too. Many proven marketing strategies revolve around websites that monitor traffic and client usage. After all, if you aren't receiving leads from the types of clients you would like, maybe your marketing strategy needs to be tweaked?

Creates Measurable Results

A website allows you to track the number of visits and the location of these visits using Google Analytics. Websites can record the number of enquiries and sales made online which can in turn shape your understanding of what sells online and what needs tweaking. Comprehensive data collection allows you to track your business closer than ever before! Whilst keeping this in mind, web design that focus on these measurable facts can provide surprising results.


Is you business missing online presence, creditablity or the lack of constant contact for clients.  Speak to the team from JABA to discuss your website needs. Call us on 08 8232 2655

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