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schedule Sep 13, 2018 categorySEOBranding

Shape your digital direction to boost your online performance.

Does your business have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy? Companies without a defined or identifiable digital strategy don't have a clear procedural objective to achieve online growth. In turn, this prevents these same businesses from gaining new customers or building deeper relationships with existing ones.

Small businesses are able to compete with large corporations thanks to the digital world, with websites and online shops driving traffic and sales. Furthermore, the playing field has been levelled, thanks to digital marketing. This is because digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing


At JABA, we focus on 4 key criteria for digital marketing:

Website Content Optimisation

Content optimisation is often the simplest digital marketing stategy to employ for improved conversion rates. This ‘conversion’ for many small businesses is often a direct lead that results in a sale of your service or product. However, a conversion for certain websites and industries may also be signing-up to an eNewsletter, the registration of a login account, the submission of a survey, or even an app download from the App or Play Store.


Regardless of your conversion success marker or key performance indicators, creating optimised content is essential for achieving these goals.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become an incredibly important tool within the toolbox of small businesses across the globe. This resource provides immeasurable advantages to assist your global reach of potential customers and clients. Implementing this profitable resource acts as a cost effective digital marketing platform, enabling the word spreading of your products, services and vision.

Digital Advertising through Google Ads

Improve your brand awareness through digital advertising on Google Ads. There are numerous platforms and locations that digital advertising can be suitable and profitable for businesses of all industries, sizes and needs. Strategise yours digital advertising campaign based on market trends or target certain demographics for cost effective results. Google Advertising has proven for many businesses of all sizes and budgets to be an effective marketing method to get their brand exposed to their target demographics as well as receiving a return on their investment through sales and bookings.

Branding and Brand Awareness

The digital industry changes frequently. Constantly evolving design and user experience trends, emerging social media platforms, algorithm updates and increased mobile adoption. The list goes on. However, the one constant through that survives these radical changes over long periods of time is branding. This fundamental key to marketing can often be overlooked in modern digital marketing, but JABA Digital places a strong emphasis on branding when reviewing your digital strategy.


Begin developing your digital marketing strategy with JABA today. Make your online presence profitable. You can speak with the team at JABA to develop your website strategy that will bring your website into the future. Call us on 08 8232 2655

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