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The Importance of copywriting for your website | JABA Blogs Adelaide

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If content is King, then treat it as such.

And it isn’t just JABA who thinks this either, our clients have come to realise this too. Placing greater emphasis (and reward) for high quality and fresh content, whilst punishing and relegating websites with content that isn’t up to scratch, is the way it works today online.

Quality goods and services will always cost you, regardless of the industry, but when it comes to your business, you can’t afford to take the cheap option. Because whether you like it or not, you will pay for low quality content in the long. Users can leave your website and look elsewhere for the information they are looking for. Which results in your business losing leads and more importantly; sales. The opportunity cost is far too great. But it still appears difficult to see the value in such a beneficial investment.

In our experience, people understand this known truth about content quality, but aren’t too excited about paying for it. Which is an odd concept given we all understand the principle of getting what you pay for.

Why a copywriter?

You might even feel that you know your business best. You might even ask yourself: “what can a copywriter possibly know that I don’t?” The real question you need to ask yourself is “do I have the time and the strategic focus to develop a coherent and effective sales pitch for a website that is unique but also checks all the boxes?”

Putting yourself into the shoes of a website user can be challenging – but thinking of your own experiences whilst surfing the internet can be a useful reference point. Think about what’s exciting about a particular website and what’s a ‘turn off’. In printing, the overhead costs are very high, which means only high-quality content is allowed to actually be published, as a profit needs to be made that covers all expenses first. These high barriers deter a significant amount of print content from being published.

The challenges of content development.

Whereas web content can be churned out without a second thought due to its low-cost nature. However, that often results in content developers forgetting to ask key questions such as;

  • “Who is this content for?"
  • "How does this information help the user?"
  • "Why should the user read this?" and
  • "What purpose does this serve?”

The consequence of developing low quality, directionless content is that it hurts you without you even knowing it. Failure to convert website views into sales leads can undermine your entire business. This is where a clear website design and copywriting strategy can be of immense and immeasurable benefit.

The benefits of a copywriter

Content development is often assumed to be an easy task until forced to actually do it. Sometimes we can even be too close to our own industry, which is where an outside perspective can be beneficial. This is especially the case when targeting users and readers who similarly are not acquainted with your industry. An outsiders perspective can help shine a new light on areas that have hindered your business in the past, in particular when communicating with new clients.

Professional copywriters understand how to develop content for your website that will not only rank well on Google, but also drive traffic to your website. High quality content can generate leads which develop into sales that boost your business.

Making the business decision to build a new website, completely redevelop your website or freshen up your existing one, is often tough. The company website can often be neglected and considered a problem for ‘later on’. But making this decision can be both easy and affordable given JABA’s new 2018 website platform. And choosing a copywriter is a critical component for this process and your websites' overall success.

Hiring a professional copywriter does require a strong element of trust. Trust in the copywriter to understand your industry, marketing and consumers. This is where proven copywriters such as JABA Digital can be the difference between ordinary and exceptional. Have a look at our client testimonials page to see what clients have to say about working with JABA Digital.


Where to start? Start with JABA arrange a meeting or call us to discuss what you wish to acheive with your website content. Speak to our JABA Digital team specialising in Copywriting and Content development. Call us on 08 8232 2655

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