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Is Your Website Costing You? | JABA Blogs Adelaide

schedule May 29, 2018 categoryWeb DevelopmentBranding

Your website is more often than not, the first point of contact or interaction most people have with your business. This means it needs to be constantly updated, reflect your brands and values as well as being user friendly and uphold your standards for customer service.

Many companies are hesitant to spend money on updating their website, and understandably so, but they all fail to visibly see the money that is lost due to a lack of online presence. This in turn reduces your chances of generating cold leads and also failing to convert recognition leads.

While starting a new website may appear daunting, the pros far outweigh the cons. After all, you have to spend money to make money. But you probably know that already. Let’s go over the ways you can lose money by having a poor website.

Poor perception = Lost Sales

Viewers of your website are comparing it to not only your direct competitors, but also to their favourite websites. It’s a competitive marketplace out there and website users are becoming less and less forgiving and more and more impatient. Websites require easy to use navigation whilst meeting a modern aesthetic visual appeal to gain their approval. It may seem highly judgemental, but we all do it. We have all experienced looking at a website and becoming so incredibly frustrated that we give up and look elsewhere.

You don’t want users to feel the exact same way about your website. That will definitely cost you.

Older Technology

Outdated technologies make it hard to update your website, which fuels the poor perception users may have of your company. Outdated websites often have inaccurate information, products, contact information making it hard to gain new clients from your first source of contact – your website. Developing a website that is easy to use and edit in order to maintain this crucial information is essential to grooming your business.

Being misled by a bad or outdated website will turn users away from your company, and that will definitely cost you.

Mobile Responsivity

Is your website mobile responsive? If you said no, you might want to think about developing a new website. According to serveral sources, in 2017, 56% of internet searches were conducted using a mobile phone. Phones are clearly leading the pack against desktops and tablets – and the gap looks like it will continue to grow. Investing in a mobile friendly website is definately the way to go.

It’s common sense, and if you’re one of the few who haven’t realised that this is hurting your business; That will definitely cost you.


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