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Progressive Web Apps are Changing the Internet | JABA Blogs Adelaide

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The power of PWA technology and the new direction of websites.

Why has everything changed on the internet?

Progressive web apps just got real. Though progressive web apps, or PWAs, have been around for about three years — an initiative mostly driven by Google — they got real when Google released Chrome 70 in 2018. The new version of Google’s web browser now supports PWAs, working with desktop Windows. (Mac and Linux support should appear in Chrome 72 on Nov 29th 2018).

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have emerged as a new technology in between normal websites and apps. They utilise the latest browser compatible technologies to improve the accessibility of the web through the presence of mobile apps.

Why are Microsoft and Google all-in on PWAs?

Google wants everyone to use their search engine to find information on the internet and Microsoft wants a larger share of users utilising their technology. So it only fair that the two have paired up together to self-promote one another. It’s a win-win for Microsoft and Google. Microsoft has exclusive rights for tons of apps for its devices through PWAs. Whereas Google promotes PWAs in their search engine algorithm so they can be found easily and drive more people to their website, rather than to the App Store and Play Store. This supports Google's current ChromeOS strategy and future Fuschia strategy. So it makes sense.

What can PWAs do that is so impressive?

PWAs can match many features that native apps provide. Below is a sample list of some of the features that PWAs can match a Native App on.

  • Push notifications
  • Full Screen (no web browser)
  • Offline working
  • Splash screen is supported giving it a more app like feel

What can a PWA do that a native app can't?

PWAs offer a range of features that native apps cannot provide. They include the following:

  • Lightning fast to operate
  • Easy to edit and maintain
  • Greater searchability through search engines rather than the app and play store
  • Works on all devices, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

Cheaper development costs than a native app.

The costs to develop a native app are quite high. An app traditionally costs 10 times that of a standard (simple) website. With greater customisations increasing the pricing even further. Native apps are also troublesome to manage and cost substantial amounts over time to update.

PWAs offer a shortcut with the simplicity of a website (and the editing and maintenance process that goes with it) but contains the majority of features along with some news ones. Progressive Web App developments cost substantially less than a traditional app with similar features. Making them a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to increase their digital marketing message and enhance their online strategy.


Does your website need a turbo charge? With multiple Progressive Web App developments already, JABA has the experience to provide you with the ultimate digital marketing tool. Contact the team at JABA to begin developing your own PWA. Call us on 08 8232 2655.

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