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Slow Website Speed Hurts Your Performance | JABA Blogs Adelaide

schedule Oct 22, 2018 categoryUser ExperienceSEOWeb Development

What are the negative impacts of a slow website?

If your site is slow people will simply leave.

Having a slow website is eerily similar to having an imaginary queue to your front door. If you can imagine lining up for what feels like an eternity and getting frustrated to the point of giving up - that's how people often feel when browsing a slow website. Instant access to information is becoming a requirement for websites. And if your website can't do this, then you can bet that one of your competitors can.

A slow website can make or break your business performance online.

Your digital marketing strategy should focus on metrics that will garner the greatest return on your investment. Here are some important reasons why you should factor your website speed as an integral component of this equation.

Google hates slow websites.

It's no secret that Google downranks websites for poor response time. Google tracks everything - including, but not limited to:

  • website traffic;
  • website navigation;
  • website design;
  • website user retention (bounce rate); and of course
  • website response time (speed).

Often the last two metrics work hand in hand. If people are leaving your site straight away because it's too slow, then Google (and other search engines) won't direct users to your site. After all, Google has a reputation to uphold.

Slow website = Loss in revenue.

The negative consequences of a slow website are quite damaging and lasting. Akamai have conducted studies that indicate mobile websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load lose an average of 53% of their traffic instantly. Other studies such as Neilpatel have measured that a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. With all of this damage to your website traffic and your brand, you can expect a loss in revenue.

Poor experiences lead to brand damage.

Equally as horrifying F.P. Horak Marketing state that 65% of users with a poor website experience have a direct negative impact on their opinion of that brand. That's 2 in every 3 people. Having a slow website or a poor user experience on your site is a sure way to alienate your potential clients or customers.

Website performance and user experience are now completely synchronised.

Users expect a lot during their online experiences. Users want to browse websites that are easy to use. Users want to feel safe when browsing your website and users expect it to be fast. That’s because slow websites make us angry.


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