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Keeping the internet and its users connected

If you have every wondered how the internet actually works, then you’ve probably come across the term ‘DNS’. If this acronym feels like foreign hieroglyphics to you, then you’re probably not alone. It stands for Domain Name Server, and it is an intricate database of network names and IP addresses used to direct internet traffic. Without a DNS, no webpage can operate properly and without the database of DNS, the internet would revert to a series of 1’s and 0’s. DNS enables the wonderful features of the internet that include; online shopping, researching information, communication services, social media sharing and the ability to download documents. It is why technical experts often refer to DNS as the ‘Phonebook of the Internet.’

World Wide Web

The world wide web (WWW) relies on the Domain Name Server to decipher these numbers for user-friendly experiences. With the help of DNS, users can easily access websites by simply entering the URL of a webpage using a web browser of their choice. Using complicated IP addresses with multiple random numbers becomes far too difficult for people to remember. Even if you are good with numbers! It is easy to see why using easy to memorise website URL’s such as www.jaba.com.au is so much better!

How does it work?

Billions of computers and mobile devices have connected through myriad systems and servers and continue to connect at an exponential rate. This system of unfathomable size and intricacy can be simply summarised as a convertor of IP addresses into web URL names. However, as you would expect, it is a significantly more complex system than that. This comprehensive translation system scans the internet at lightning speed to provide you with the correct IP address to match the web address you search for.

How do I get a DNS?

Every domain name registered creates a DNS record, hosted by the company your purchase the website URL from. There are many trusted providers of DNS within Australia. Some include GoDaddy, CrazyDomains, CheapDomains and NetRegistry.

If you’re looking to purchase a Domain Name, the best way to search for an available Domain Name is through MelbourneIT.

Changing your DNS

Once you have purchased your DNS, you will most likely need to change the DNS Records to allow your new website to go live. To do so, you will need to login to the account which contains the DNS and change the DNS server IP address (A Record). This redirection will point the IP address in your DNS account to your newly developed website.


When launching a new website, the team at JABA are always happy to assist. Especially when it comes to confusing DNS records. To get started developing a new website call the team on 08 8232 2655 

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