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Why Should I Build A New Website? | JABA Blogs Adelaide

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Developing your online presence whilst building an effective website that lasts.

The internet is the greatest and most cost-effective form of advertising available to businesses. And there are numerous digital marketing strategies that your website can utilise to help your business grow. Designing a custom website tailored specifically to your target audience, industry and business model is essential in navigating the digital world and to give your business the web marketing platform you need to succeed.


What is the competition doing with their website?

In most circumstances, a business website is the centre of your marketing strategies and activities. The heart if you may. However, the majority of websites in the world wide web are nothing more than an electronic brochure that simply list the who, what and where of the company. Which isn’t very helpful for users beyond the basics.


How should my company’s website work?

Greater resources of information that is useful for a user to make a decision on using your product or service and stronger calls to action are becoming essential components to any website design. Visitors on your website are potential customers who are diligently researching for the best possible option available to them and you need to present yourself as that option. Potential customers want to chat with experts who can assist them with their needs or watch an insightful video that provides clarity on the solution they are seeking. They want to see your customer reviews to see your track record for your services and goods quality. Your website needs to be more than just an electronic billboard.

Not only that, but your website is increasingly utilised to establish credibility. Regardless of the actual size of your business, a business website can catapult you competitively against your nearest and biggest rivals. Even if your competitors have a larger budget or greater resources compared to you. Your website can perform as a useful resource that offers helpful customer service, product and/or service information and FAQs. The availability of this information can result in lead generation, live chats or a direct sale online.

Without a website, your business can lose countless opportunities to benefit from the valuable digital marketing resources that are readily available and increasingly utilised by both local and foreign consumers. So why not capitalise on this? For the above reasons, you need to have a clear purpose for your website when planning to develop it. Having a strong understanding of what features and functions your website will require to achieve these objectives are essential to the planning phase. Your objectives need to be well thought out and prepared for a range of circumstances. This is where preparing a strategy through consultation can be extraordinarily beneficial.


How do I get a leg up on my local and digital competition?

I thought you'd never ask!

Have you heard about Progressive Web Apps (PWA's)? If not, you urgently need to educate yourself. They have some incredible benefits that can be invaluable to your business that substantially boosts your web marketing performance. If improving your Search Engine Ranking (SER) and Search Engine Visibility (SEV) through Google, Yahoo, Bing and other engines, then you should highly consider looking at building a Progressive Web App as your website.


How do I begin developing my own website or progressive web app that suits my needs?

The team at JABA can help build your website or Progressive Web App (PWA) customised to your industry's and/ or business' needs. A website developed with a customised call-to-action can shape your website to achieve your ultimate goal(s). Some examples include; buy now, book an appointment, call us or simply get in touch by sending us a message.

If you are looking to bolster your web marketing and looking to build a new website development in Adelaide, contact the team at JABA for assistance. The JABA team can help you begin developing your own website or Progressive Web App (PWA) that achieves your ambitions and capitalise on the digital marketing strategies available to you.

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