This truly transdisciplinary centre brings together leading Australian researchers with partners in Europe, the US and China in the industry.

Their aim is to extend the boundaries of knowledge in nanoscale biophotonics and to deliver outcomes in the following areas:

  • Sensing the signals of life;
  • Imaging health and disease; and
  • Enabling scientific Discovery.

The CNBP focuses on the development of light-based imaging and sensing tools, which measure in real time, the complex chemical and molecular processes that take place in and around cells within the living body.


The Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) sought a website that displayed their research in a user-friendly manner.

JABA worked with the University of Adelaide and the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics to produce a website for the public but also with an intranet to allow researchers and scientists to source and share data. This intricate back-end system enables researchers and scientist to further develop their understanding of Nanoscale BioPhotonics. The customised blog engine enables high quality articles and publications to be shared amongst CNBP researchers and the public for greater awareness and information accessability of Nanoscale BioPhotonics. The website also displays the large number of universities that contribute to the ongoing research within the field.




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