The initial idea for eCoaches was born out of the gaming industry. This is one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world. 

eSports has grown rapidly over the last 10 years thanks to advances in technology and game mechanics. Gaming as a sport allows anyone to participate without prejudice while creating artificial worlds for them to participate in. As technology grows and internet becomes accessible from all points of the globe, games will become even more international and competitive. 

What eCoaches provides the gaming industry is a new way for anyone to share their skills and knowledge. Although the site will allow its coaches to create and upload video content for students to download, the main point of difference, at least within the gaming industry, is that we want to create the live interactional experience. Allowing players to ask questions as they're learning makes for a much greater learning experience. This rule applies universally to any subject throughout life.

The current site is a lot more than this ... attracting coaches from a wide range of sectors.

JABA built this website during 2015 and released it in early 2016. This was one of the most complex websites we have ever built and required careful planning and a patient and understanding client. Developing front and back end components that integrate with all the global timezones and handle financial transactions from all over the world was a challenge. The site is designed to grow organically by attracting coaches (not just from the gaming industry) and then these coaches will attract students. 


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A wide range of JABA websites are controlled by our Content Management System (CMS), which continues to evolve with emerging technologies. The JABA CMS can be specifically customised for each client, allowing editing of content via a web browser. New and past versions of the JABA CMS are currently used by government, large corporations, sporting clubs, regional tourism operators and small businesses.



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