With eHome Plus, your apartment will feel like you are living in a penthouse! 

Imagine a home that welcomes you when you walk in the door. The lights are on, the house is the perfect temperature and you sigh with both relief and pleasure as you enter your sanctuary. 

eHome Plus can provide you with the luxury lifestyle you deserve. But it also offers other services of convenience such as security and a master lights switch as you leave your house. No more worrying if you left the light in your room on! Not only does this increase your energy efficiency, it also helps prevent any nasty accidents!


Designing a new website for eHome Plus needed to promote the entertainment and smart living solutions provided.

JABA used the new JABA Xpress platform and the CMS v5 to create a new site for eHome Plus. Additional services were provided including brand design, copywriting and artwork for presentation folders, business cards and other marketing materials. These marketing materials with strong calls to action promoted the entertainment and smart living solutions that eHome Plus offers.




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