Occupational Therapist assessments, treatment, rehabilitation, consulting and training services throughout South Australia. 

Adelaide based, Enhance Occupational Therapy Pty Ltd has been providing dedicated adult and aged care occupational therapy services for over twelve years.

Enhance OT provides ADL assessments as well as carer support and training. Their services can accept referrals for clients with low or complex care needs. Providing care plans for individuals within the local community who need a helping hand, Enhance OT understands the importance of supporting those in need.

The goal of an OT assessment is to support the patient on homecoming at discharge. If the patient has a sudden change in function or health, the hospital may refer to Occupational Therapy. The outcome is a written assessment of function and existing supports in the home.


The website project for Enhance Occupational Therapy required a fresh and modernised design with updated content. 

JABA's latest redevelopment of Enhance OT's website enabled the ability to easily manage content within our user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) tailored to specific care plans. The tile navigation incorporates modern website design that enhances user experience. JABA designed and produced this customised mobile responsive website to suit a range of clients that use Enhance OT services. Our mobile friendly website design makes it easy for users to navigate throughout the website and find the right plan for them. Both desktop and mobile layouts feature very simple and easy to read text and carefully selected imagery. The addition of a blog engine to the website allows the posting of important and useful information regarding occupational therapy for their website viewers. The blog engine widget enables the Enhance Occupational Therapy team to update their website with new content regularly.




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