Environmental Copper Recovery is a mining company that specialise in InSitu Recovery (ISR).

This mining technique has minimal impact on the land but still has the capabilities to extract precious metals. With over 100 years of combined mining expertise and knowledge, Environmental Copper Recovery's recent innovative developments in environmentally friendly solutions are potentially changing the landscape of the industry for recovering gold and copper.

Environmental Copper Recovery comprises 3 mining companies; Terramin Exploration Ltd (ASX: TZN) - the tenement holder of the Kapunda Mine, Thor Mining PLC (ASX: THR) - providing investment funds and MET Pty Ltd whom assist in providing ISR skills and expertise.

The website was designed to showcase this technique to farmers and surrounding communities.

The website for Environmental Copper Recovery created crediablitiy and provided insite for future mining townships.  JABA also designed and developed Environmental Copper Recovery's branding and styling to symbolically represent the intricate underground network of Insitu Recovery Mining.

Since development of the website, Environmental Copper Recovery have also forged a partnership agreement with CSIRO Mineral Resources, showcasing the momentum generated from the credibility of the project.



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