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About JABA and website development

What is a Domain Name?

In order to build and publish a website on the internet, you will need a website address that people use to visit and view the website. This website address is called a domain name. For example, our website can be visited by typing in the domain name www.jaba.com.au.

Domain names can be purchased through providers online. You can have multiple domain names if you wish and they can all point to your one website.

What is a DNS?

A DNS (Domain Name System) controls your domain name’s settings.

When someone visits your domain name on a web browser (e.g. www.jaba.com.au), the DNS settings for that name will point to the computer to communicate with the website’s location on a hosting server (the place where the website lives).

This communication between the computer, DNS and hosting server allows the web browser to call up and display the website on the computer.

What is needed to commence my XPress website build?     

  • Content to be supplied to JABA in one go.
  • All images must be at least 2560px wide in resolution. If you are unable to supply images (and have not purchased a photography pack) you can visit https://stock.adobe.com/au/ and give us the reference numbers for images you would like to use on your website. We will download them for you.
  • Domain Name details for your website address (e.g. www.jaba.com.au) will need to be provided (including the provider name, username and password) if you opt for JABA to make the changes on your behalf. Alternatively you can opt to update the details yourself during the go live process.
  • A deposit of $1,000 +GST will be invoiced upon acceptance of the XPress website build.
  • Once we have completed the setup of your XPress website on our staging server, we will send you a link to check and approve it. As this is an express process we encourage prompt action to make your website live or notify us of any changes.
  • Once any requested changes are finalised and your JABA XPress website is approved we will schedule the go live process and invite you in to our office for a training session on how to use the CMS to edit and update your website.

Do JABA provide domain names?

Jaba do not provide domain names or domain name services. We do offer consulting to help you find the right domain name for your business, however you will need to purchase your domain name with a provider of your choice. 

We do, however, provide Hosting Services, Support Services and SSL Certificates.

How do I get a domain name?

You can register a domain name through a provider online. Serveral domain name providers exist. For example; Crazy Domains, Cheap Domains....

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard technology that is applied to a website to ensure is has a secure link between a website server and a website browser. When an SSL Certificate is applied to a website it will change from using http:// to https:// ('s' for secure).

SSL Certificates are standard website practice for Online Shops, data bases and websites big and small.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

Google and the Google Chrome web browser have recently been requiring SSL Certificates for all websites as a standard practice. Because of this we are recommending that our clients apply an SSL Certificate to their website regardless of the size of the site, technology applied or whether or not it has an online shop.

What is website hosting for?

Website hosting is needed to give your site a place to live. When your website goes live it is uploaded to a server where it is hosted. When a user visits your website domain name on their web browser, the inernet connection is used to search for your website files on the server and calls them up on the computer/mobile device screen being used.

How long will the process take?

The timeline of your project depends on which XPress package you choose. If you have added on any extras or custom developments, some more time may be needed. A Standard JABA XPress website build takes between 1 and 3 weeks from the time you supply all content, including a high resolution copy of your logo, written content, images and any additional content needed.

Once we work out the XPress package and any add-ons you would like we can confirm a timeline for your project.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) is attached to your website and allows you to login and access the back end website information, such as images and text content. You can use the CMS to update content or add new pages to your website and publish them to the live site. 

What if I need help using the Content Management System (CMS)?

All JABA XPress website packages include 1 free CMS training session for up to 3 people. A Learning and Support page are also available on the CMS to assist you. Any additional training sessions required after the first free one are charged at a rate of $140 +GST per hour.

JABA offer support packages for our clients in various options so you can get ongoing assistance using the CMS if needed. See our support packages to find out what option suits your needs best.

If you do not wish to get an ongoing support package, you can still get support from us at our hourly rate of $140 +GST per hour.

What is an eCommerce?

An eCommerce is an online shop on a website. Users can visit the website, browse products for sale, add them to an electronic cart and pay for them on the online checkout using credit card/paypal.

What if I need extra support with content changes after my website is live?

There are three options to choose from for client that need ongoing assistance with content updates/changes on their website.

  1. Casual Hours - $140 +GST per hour
  2. *Pre Paid Blocks (5 hour blocks) - $120 +GST per hour
  3. Maintenance agreements can be negotiated

*Pre Paid Blocks will expire 3 months from date of purchase and can only be used for content based support (not technical support or development).

Can I get a logo designed at Jaba?

JABA have designed many logos. We offer branding packages for $1,500 +GST.

The branding package includes a logo design with as many changes as requested up to a total of 8 hours, a business card design and a letterhead design.

If you require any additional stationery or branding work you can discuss with us and we would happily provide a quote.

Are there any hidden fees?

We do not have any hidden fees with the XPress packages. You can compare our XPress packages here to work out what option is right for you, prices and what is included. If you request any add-ons, customisation or additional work after the build has commenced, we will quote you first so you can decide if you wish to ammend your project.

Why should I choose JABA? (and why is JABA XPress better than other free or DIY platforms?)

With over 19 years in website design from our offices in Adelaide, we know websites from their bones and out. We also know that your website needs to be the best performing salesperson for your business online. So we give you the tools to make sure this happens.

  • We have over 200 happy clients
  • Our clients feel empowered with the tools we provide
  • We are award winning designers
  • We are great to work with
  • Our websites convert to business
  • We continue to Base 2 and help you with digital marketing


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