JABA CUSTOM / ISLAND PURE - Mobile Responsive Website with e-Commerce (JABA CMSv3), Video and Photography


JABA has been working with Island Pure for more than a decade and we have produced websites, videos and photography during that time. 

Island Pure Sheep Dairy is a 260 hectare grazing property on the banks of the beautiful Cygnet River and Gum Creek on Kangaroo Island and they produce a small but very good range of cheeses and yoghurts. They also provide Daily Tours that allow visitors to get up close and personal with the sheep and all that happens in and around the dairy.

The current website was built during an interesting time for JABA. In 2011 we were starting to produce fully mobile responsive websites by adapting functionality in our CMSv2 to control the new responsive elements. Eventually this hybrid version of our CMSv3 was used to manage the Island Pure website and e-commerce shop. The online shop was our first fully mobile responsive shop and even though we would love to now upgrade this site is still stands the test of time and we still get comments about how beautiful the shop experience is on this site. Soon after this site was completed we released a new version of our CMSv4 that was specifically created to manage mobile responsive sites.



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JABA spent time in late 2016 working with a number of international researchers to find out how to build the ultimate website for regional and local tourism operators in 2017. The research included SEO strategies that maximise Google searches, font recall studies and current user trends on all devices. JABA has since applied these learnings to create a series of spectacular regional tourism websites.