Copywriting for SEO

Is your website connecting with new visitors in the first ten seconds?

You have ten seconds to make a connection with your prospective client and compel them to call you. Words that tell your story and connect with your website visitor are the most important factor for effective, long term organic (SEO) presence for any small business. Many small business owners underestimate the value of writing to connect with the visitor. Everyone can write, but writing to increase website conversions is a professional skill.

Our copywriting services are specifically delivered with great SEO in mind when developing content for your website. If it is written well the first time, your website presence will grow, your website conversion will increase and you will get more leads to your business.

Our copywriting services will:

  • Think of the client’s needs – to create that important first connection
  • Optimise your website language – to motivate your prospective clients to call you.
  • Develop new content – so that others will want to share it
  • Fine tune your marketing messages – to present your business succinctly and as the expert in your field




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JABA's core business is developing customised websites for a wide range of clients including governments, large corporations and small business. Choose a CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT or use our own JABA XPress CMS solution. Either way, we’ll make sure everything that’s referred to as ‘the back end’ isn’t an afterthought, it’s the engine that makes your website run brilliantly. We say "make it easy to use and it WILL get used". It doesn't end there, JABA Digital can provide a range of ongoing digital marketing services and JABA Drones can add that special slice of magic to your website ... don't be shy, just ask us.



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