Malmet is an Australian manufacturer of infection control, specialised hospital and safety equipment.

Malmet supplies health care providers, hospitals and aged care facilities with specialised equipment and services. Malmet is proudly an Australian managed and employed company. Malmet's products and equipment are locally manufactured therefore spare parts are readily and easily available, reducing the down time to your facility.

Malmet is a company belonging to the Celi Group of Companies, a privately owned and operated family business. Other companies within the Group are Climate Technologies (Bonaire, Pyrox, Celair ) and Curtin Foodservice Equipment.


Malmet sought a new website development to demonstrate the services and maintenances they offer.

Malmet's website development focused on text and image content for displaying their range of services and maintenance products. The website design incorporated the branding colours of Malmet as website theme colours that stand out to users.




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