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North Adelaide’s history can be traced directly back to the formation of the Medindie Football Club.

Medindie was formed in 1881 when a group of nearby College students (from Prince Alfred College and the now defunct Whinham College) formed a team to play some football matches in the nearby parklands. They took their colours of red and white from Prince Alfred College and wore a strip not dissimilar to the one that Prince’s football team wore.


The North Adelaide Football Club wanted to keep their members and fans alike engaged and involved with the latest club news and activities through their website.

JABA has been working with and sponsoring the North Adelaide Football Club since 2005. In 2007 JABA redsigned the club's logo and nearly enjoyed the ultimate success in that year with a Grand Final performance. JABA continues to be a sponsor for the club in 2018.

The North Adelaide Football Club's website is customised with ladders and fixtures, a member only tipping competition, online scoreboard, news feeds and an extensive player history and match history engine. It is these features that offer members and fans the opportunity to get involved with the club through footy tipping and live score feeds, keep up to date on the latest news as it comes in and look back at the history of players and matches through their history database. JABA regularly meet with North Adelaide Football Club to create video content to help continually develop the website and its content for users. The website covers the past, present and future to give users everything they need.




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