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The Project

A website for all things Adelaide.

The first ever website development for AdelaideAZ required a large database to store the extraordinary number of interesting articles regarding all things Adelaide and its unique history. The website contains over 1,400 articles and 125 article categories depicting unique and interesting topics for the past, present and future of Adelaide.

The website design includes powerful article search filters by categories, article title and article text. The custom designed article tiles are designed to give users a teasing snapshot of the article content before choosing to Read More. The website provides the most recent articles initially with the archive of information being available the further users explore the website.


About AdelaideAZ

The continual indexing of everything in Adelaide's past, present and future.

The AdelaideAZ website is a continuous work in progress which strives to provide the context for past, present and future moments of significance for Adelaide and the state of South Australia. From Agriculture to Demographics, Kangaroo Island to Port Adelaide and Tourism to Zoos, AdelaideAZ has all things Adelaide in one convenient location.

The traditional media coverage for the city of Adelaide and the wider State of South Australia has become day-to-day centric, as the ephemeral and selective nature of mainstream media loses focus on the bigger picture. AdelaideAZ intends on providing more information, greater context and ultimately the complete picture in an historical context of Adelaide's trajectory. With this historical context, the current affairs and potential issues and challenges Adelaide may face will become clearer and easier to navigate.

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