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Artekton Home Buyer’s Building Inspections.

The Project

One year ago, JABA integrated our desktop and mobile websites, redesigning them as one with a completely new viewing experience. 

One of the first JABA XPress websites launched was Artekton Home Buyer’s Building Inspections. This client was very open to using interesting graphics to differentiate their business from the competition. The ease of use of the content management system means that if desired, graphics can be very quickly and easily changed by the client to keep the site fresh and interesting.

“We are in the business of providing pre-purchase building inspections to house buyers. The business is competitive and time-pressured.

I had an old website that was a few years old and not mobile responsive. I also had a cheapie mobile app that was offered to me for three hundred dollars. It was hopeless — you don’t want two sites that look graphically completely different. So when Adrian from JABA told me that he could build a new JABA XPress site for me that was mobile responsive, that eliminated the need for editing both the old site and the app, for under three thousand dollars, I said yes.

I also wanted something graphically interesting because the time had come for me to get ahead of the rest. That’s where I think JABA have a lot more to offer. Adrian is one of Adelaide’s best graphic designers — at JABA they understand graphic design to a much more sophisticated level than other web developers in town. My industry can be quite dry and boring, but I think there’s always room for humour. We came up with the idea of using these Lichtenstein-style graphics. I’m rapt with my new site. It looks better than all my opposition.

This is the result: Sales for that period are up 30%. Customer enquiries through the website are up ten-fold. Other customers read the website then contact Artekton for the first time, already having decided to utilise our services. This all proves that our online website ‘salesperson’ is working well.”

David, Artekton


About Artekton

Artekton discuss and explain the housing summary in person, aiming to educate and inform their clients, not bamboozle or scare them.

Artekton is a small local business based in Adelaide who focuses on customer service. Client satisfaction through thorough understanding of the housing industry with easy to understand explanations. Meeting Australian national housing standards for pre-purchase inspections, Artekton advises its clients based on housing age, building type and potential or existing defects within the infrastructure.

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