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Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club

The Project

The objective of BSYC's new website was to provide a modern design with an easy to edit content management system.

When initially briefed on the website development project, Kylie of Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club requested a WordPress website. A common request at JABA. However, once shown the XPress CMS and the ease at which changes can be made the client was excited to move to the JABA CMS V4.1 knowing that it would be easy and come with the JABA team support.

The result was a new website with a design displaying the yachts and functions listings that are essential to the yachting community in South Australia. The client could also promote weddings and functions easily and update their content at the drop of a hat.

"JABA were originally building a new site for us in WordPress and organised for me to come in and have a look at the content management system. When I saw it, I was worried. It was totally different to what I was used to and totally confusing. I was fully committed to learning it but it would have taken me six months to get my head around it. I’m just so glad they decided to build a new site for us in JABA XPress as it’s really easy to use. It’s so straightforward and so easy to edit. You can edit each section and see exactly what it’s going to look like. It’s much easier than any other CMS I have used before.”

Kylie, Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club

Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club

About BSYC

Founded in 1919, the Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club is Adelaide’s foremost off-the-beach yacht club.

A community has been forged from the long and proud history of the BSYC. Based on the core principles of safe sailing and swimming, promoted through schooling and events, Bright Seacliff & Yacht Club are a fun group to join for all things aquatic. The function room is also utilised for all events, yachting and otherwise and the bar and bistro is a fantastic place to meet new people and discuss yachting, sporting and lifestyle with like minded individuals.

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