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Calypso Star Charters

The Project

Calypso Star Charters wanted to increase traffic to their website and boost their online bookings for Shark Cage Diving and Swimming with the Sea Lions.

They also wanted to demonstrate the extraodinary experiences that Shark Cage Diving and Swimming with the Sea Lions has to offer.

Calypso Star Charters are proud to be the only operator in Australia that publicises current and historical shark sightings for their Shark Cage Diving activity. This meant that JABA needed to build a new website that would not only make the information visually attractive and easy to access, but also easy to add via the website's content management system. The result was a customised shark sighting widget built into the CMS that allowed Calypso to update the shark sightings on a daily basis, keeping their customers satisfied with the quality and transparency of information.

The visually stunning video banners at the top of each page give website users a virtual experience of the sea lion encounters and shark cage diving that leaves you wanting to see it for real. This leads people straight to information about all the packages and the ability to book online while viewing the available booking slots.

JABA produced this website at a time where video mastheads started to appear on websites around Australia. The roll out of the NBN was a factor when designing this site and eventuated in JABA creating a customised widget that plugs-in the the CMS that links any YouTube movie to the masthead. The widget loops the movie three times and then holds on the poster frame until the page reloads.

JABA also developed a blog system with an integrated comments section, an awards panel so Calypso could proudly display their successes and a customised website panel design so Calypso's brand was reinforced throughout the site.

About Calypso Star Charters

Get up close with the sharks or sea lions for a memorable encounter and wonderful photographic opportunities with Calypso. 

Located in Port Lincoln, South Australia, it is the only place you can cage dive with Great White Sharks in Australia.

Calypso Star Charters is the only one-day shark cage diving operator who is permitted to use natural fish berley to attract the Great White Sharks to our boat at the Neptune Islands Marine Park. Being permitted to berley provides you with the best possible chance of a shark sightings and productive interaction close to the vessel and cage. Calypso are also proud to be Advanced Eco Certified and their Captains’ are Eco Certified Guides, Carbon Neutral and a Climate Action Leader. 

Visit Calypso Shark Cage Diving website >

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