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Firefly Astrology

The Project

A website focused on providing information to book I Ching and Chinese astrology readings.

The new website development for Firefly Astrology focuses on explaining Chinese Astrology and how an I Ching reading can help you attain enough clarity of the situation at hand to make wise investments of time and effort and to influence the outcome of an event. The website focuses on establishing why Chinese Astrology can be meaningful in your life and directs users to book an appointment with Serina.

The website design targets online conversions through bookings. A Simple contact form is provided in the footer of every page to easily contact Serina to book a session. The website design also included a large home page banner that is engaging yet contains a strong call to action for online bookings.

Firefly Astrology

About Firefly Astrology

I Ching readings with Serina Chan.

Firefly Astrology is based on the concept of fireflies. They do their best to give light to the world and they dispel darkness with their inner glow.

Serina Chan specialises in numerous reading disciplines, including I Ching, Astrology and Chinese Astrology. Serina is also adept in understanding the 5-element system of Chinese astrology, which is based on the five elements or energies; metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

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