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The Project

The project brief for the website design of Hexagon was to demonstrate to the users the range of simplified services they offered.

The development of the Hexagon website consisted of a simple and clean design to compliment their ideals of 'simplifying the development process'. JABA designed customised hexagonal (6-sided) shaped icons to demonstrate the range of services offered by Hexagon. These service options were also distinguished through customised tiles that lead to separate page sections for each Hexagon's services. Each service was also separated using long parallaxing images that demonstrate the design and personalised feel that Hexagon provides to its clients. The imagery selected by our graphic design team ensured the range of services were adequately depicted throughout the website to cover the numerous methods of land development that are possible.


About Hexagon

Hexagon is an innovative Australian Property Development Company delivering customised service solutions. 

Hexagon is an innovative developer, providing complete property project management across the six key property development deliverables. Their unique interactive modularised service structure enables customers to choose the services required or select a full service suite solution. 

Hexagon enables solutions that fund, design, build, sell, supply and maintain your development using established industry experts every step of the way. Providing financial management for your development, Hexagon can assist in customised outcome(s) to suit your needs.

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