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Kangaroo Island Tourism

The Project

Kangaroo Island Tourism required an online presence that displayed continuously updated tourism operator information for instant bookings.

JABA has built other regional tourism sites within South Australia that use the same templates with designs specifically suited to each individual brand. The use of capitals in headline fonts with feature words highlighted by a colour was proven in extensive eye tracking surveys to be the most effective for retention. The integration of Australian Tourism Data Warehouse's (ATDW) database enables website viewers to booking online to all forms of tourism operators within Kangaroo Island. The vast imagery and beautiful web design provides potential tourists of the island to view all the possibilities at their fingertips. The customised tile navigation creates an easy, yet classy structure for website users, which also decreases Kangaroo Island Tourism's bounce rate.

Each pages meta data, used to search engine optimisation, is used to generate the tile information automatically and encourages the client to ensure their meta data is well written and therefore effects how and where this website ranks on search engines. By using this feature we are able to maximise the potential visitors for the Tourism Kangaroo Island website.

Large image banners maximise the visual impact of the website and give people a clear idea of the Kangaroo Island experience.

The team at Kangaroo Island Tourism are very happy with their new website.

Kangaroo Island Tourism

About Kangaroo Island Tourism

Kangaroo Island. Just across the water, but a world away.

Islands across the world have more than one thing in common. They share a frontier bound by water and a history and culture of ingenuity, borne out of their inherent isolation.

Kangaroo Island's history is no different; it is full of interesting and compelling stories. JABA first started working with TKI in 2002, shortly after we had developed our first commercial CMS (JABA CMS v2). Since then we have built new sites as the technology changes and the current site was built in early 2017 using the findings uncovered by three months of research to find out how to build the ultimate tourism site.

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