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Laundry Basics

The Project

As a start up company, Laundry Basics required a website with a strong online presence.

The website development for Laundry Basics included integration with CleanCloud for online login functionality for laundry pick up and deliveries. The call to action for organising a delivery enhances the user experience. Furthermore, the integration of tawk.to allows users to submit online enquiries. The website development displays important information to help users schedule a pick up, understand the pricing of their services and to answer any questions through an FAQ page.

Laundry Basics

About Laundry Basics

Laundry Basics are a local full laundry and dry cleaning service.

It takes two minutes to set up an account and request a laundry or dry cleaning service pick up. Laundry Basics provide you with your own laundry bags which will be delivered at the first pick up and you get to keep them for your next order. Enjoy your free time as Laundry Basics manages your dirty laundry. They deliver your laundry back to you at your requested time after 48 hours.

Visit the Laundry Basics website »

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