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Now Media Buys

The Project

Now Media Buys sought a website development with JABA that enabled online purchases and a member login function.

NowMedia Buys' website development focused on a tiered login function for both administrators to add new listings and users to purchase these advertisement listings. JABA Multimedia web design process included a long scoping process to ensure the greatest possible results for the newly started business. JABA Multimedia after completing a comprehensive review of the website after completion also developed a campaign builder feature for users not just in Adelaide, but all across Australia to utilise the tools at their disposal. This enables users (businesses) to build a marketing campaign that suits their specific needs and tailor and outcome that is affordable whilst being highly beneficial.

Now Media Buys

About Now Media Buys

Unbelievable pricing on prime time national television advertising spots.

With a business model based around demand based economics, NowMedia Buys offers its members the ability to purchase cheap and affordable advertising timeslots on highly reputable networks across the nation. With advertisement listings from Channel 7, 7 TWO, 7 Mate and a host of other networks, NowMedia Buys enables small businesses to remain competitive within the advertising marketplace with heavily discounted options for advertising campaigns. With over 20,000 advertising listings available and refreshed constantly, the possibilities are endless to boost your businesses profile and sales through NowMedia Buys!

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