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Pitchford Farms

The Project

Pitchford Farms required a new website design that showcased and sold their meat products through PayPal.

JABA first started working with Pitchford farms in 2014. Passionate farmers Glenn and Narelle started their business selling beef direct to the public. In the recent years they have expanded to selling lamb online. JABA worked closely with them to develop a website that is flexible, mobile responsive and easy to use.

Offering free delivery, the Pitchford Farms website makes it simple and easy for people to order.

Pitchford Farms was recently redeveloped with the standard JABA XPress platform plus Pay Pal integration to enable the client to sell meat products direct from the farm.

Text and images were carefully considered by our designers to emphasise the quality of the meat products and expand the business to connect with the online market. The content management system (CMS) has enabled Pitchford Farms to make quick changes to their products and content when needed whilst empowering them to develop their online presence.

About Pitchford Farms

Pitchford Farms grow their own meat and pride themselves in producing quality fresh meat directly to customers.

Providing quality pure grass fed beef and lamb straight from the farmer. With no added hormones and 100% antibiotic free, Pitchford Farms beef and lamb is as pure and as healthy as possible.

All meat packs include a variety of meat cuts and are pre-packed into two portion servings. They are vacuum sealed, allowing the packed meat to stay FRESH in your fridge for up to 3 weeks.

Visit the Pitchford Farms website » 

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