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The Project

JABA firmly believes that PWA's will take over the website marketplace by the end of 2019. We believe this so much we built our own PWA to showcase this new technology.

The design process started in late 2018 with some concepts being developed by the team. The brief was to create a theme for the whole site that reflected and celebrated our new JABA brand by featuring each of the eight colours used in the logo. After the Christmas break business is often slow but the JABA team used this time to build the ultimate PWA to start the new year, 2019. It was a testament to how robust and powerful our new CMSv6 was because the team were able to build this 200 page website in just two weeks. The functionality of CMSv6 will be familiar to users of XPress sites using the CMSv5 but it is faster and is especially built to generate the code required for a PWA. Our design team hammered the CMS and found it seriously fast during the production of the JABA PWA website. A good "road-test" and a good result for our clients. Our in-house technical team have seriously impressed our clients with how fast, powerful and simple the new CMSv6 is to use and when you do an update their is no refreshing of the page required the changes just go "bang". Gotta love it!

About the JABA PWA

The JABA PWA is the fifth site we have produced using this new technology. You are looking at it now and you may have noticed it's fast!

The JABA PWA was developed to fine tune our new CMS v6, made for PWA content management. The site has more than 200 pages of content featuring articles on most of our live and current sites. The team "road-tested" the new CMS and found it to be very fast, reliable and stable. New features have been added such as colour theme controls, customised navigation icons and UI controls, menu editor and of course a WYSIWYG interface to edit page content.

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