Rezare House's cornish themed bed and breakfast is an unforgettable experience with pristine service and care.

Rezare House is a modern building that offers hosted bed and breakfast accommodation in their home located in Wallaroo, South Australia. Their experience in bed and breakfast hosting extends from having hosted a bed and breakfast accommodation in Cornwall, England for a number of years before re-locating to Wallaroo. Their 3 rooms; Kensa, Nessa and Tressa are entirely environmentall sustainable whilst providing incredible experiences.


As a start up company, Rezare House required a new website with online booking capabilities.

Approaching JABA with a new business and requiring guidance, Rezare House began the website project with a logo design. The Rezare House logo and branding were completed by JABA in conjunction with the website design. The website also required online booking capabilities that integrated with StraightReservations.




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