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Dogs love Schnuzzle.

schnuzzle [shh-nuhz-uhl]

Verb: To cuddle or snuggle up to. To touch, rub or explore with the nose, muzzle. Show affection. To give comfort to a loved one through touch or smell.

Noun: An irresistible multi-coloured chew toy in a variety of shapes and textures that intrigues and excites the senses. A familiar and comforting object. A sensory treat.

Schnuzzle is no ordinary dog toy. Schnuzzle is designed to attract, engage and entertain canines like nothing else on earth. Schnuzzle has changeable surfaces, textures, colours and Aromas. Contained in the world’s first replaceable long lasting Scent reward.


JABA worked with the client to create a website for My Clever Dog, which emerged as Schuzzle - a new start up business.

The website was designed to capture potentail investors, create an online brochure and garner product interest. The website design incorporated a long single page for Schnuzzle's online brochure. This single page website contains information on what Schnuzzle is, why dogs are drawn to the product, each different product type and most importantly, how to get one.




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