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Find out how to edit your JABA XPress website with these simple videos and text tutorials. JABA are available for 9 am - 5 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and Christmas period) for phone support.

To get started using your new JABA XPress website you can view the learning videos below. See our frequently asked questions to find out answers to the common website and JABA XPress CMS questions.

JABA XPress comes with a content management system that allows you to login to the back end of your website and easily edit, update and create new content on your website. 

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It is recommended that you use the Google Chrome web browser to edit your XPress website using the CMS. 

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XPress Learning Videos


Video 1 Getting Started

Learn how to access your JABA XPress website Content Management System (CMS). The CMS allows you to edit your website content and add new content.

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Video 2 Uploading Images and PDFs

Learn how to upload images and PDF's to your websites image folders. Ensure your images are in JPEG format and do not exceed 400 KB in size.

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Video 3 Creating a Rotating Banner

Learn how to creating rotating banner mastheads on your website. This allows you to have multiple images and messages that rotate automatically.

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Video 4 Creating a Video Masthead

Learn how to create a full width video masthead that autoplays videos without sound, using your own videos uploaded to your youtube channel.

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Video 5 Adding a Background Image

Learn how to add a background parallax image panel to your website using the images you have uploaded to your website's CMS.

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Video 6 Creating and Editing Content Panels

Learn how to edit your website content and text or create new sections of content. You will also learn how to format your content and add images in the text.

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Video 7 Creating Links and Expanding Panels

Learn how to create links to other webpages, PDF's to download and links to expand panels of content so they show more information.

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Video 8 Creating a New Page

Learn how to create a new page in your website. You can visit other training videos to learn how to build elements in your new webpage.

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Video 9 Previewing and Publishing Pages

Learn how to preview changes that you have made to your website before you publish them for public view and how to publish pages and changes so they are live for all to see.

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Video 10 Creating Multi Column Panels

Learn how to create multi column panels of content on your website. Select two or three columns that stack on tablet and mobile devices.

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Video 11 Creating an Image Gallery

Learn how to createv an image gallery that allows you to display a range of images that will pop up in a window when selected to browse.

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Read the XPress Learning Tutorials

If you would like to read the XPress Learning tutorials instead of watching the videos you can do so by clicking one of the learning topics below.


You can call JABA on 08 8232 2655 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday for support. (excluding public holidays and Christmas break) or email us at team@jaba.com.au.

If you experience any errors whilst operating your website CMS, please take a screenshot where possible and send to support@jaba.com.au for assistance.


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