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Tutorials for JABA CMS Version 5

Find out how to edit your website with these simple text tutorials. We are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and Christmas period) for phone support. You can also email us any queries.

To get started using your JABA XPress website platform, you can view the tutorials below. See our frequently asked questions to find out answers to common website questions. The XPress content management system (CMS) allows you to login to the back end of your website and easily edit, update and create new content.

It is recommended you use Google Chrome web browser to edit your XPress website using the CMS.


Content Management System Tutorials

Basic Functions for JABA CMS Version 5

To learn how to make text changes, change images, update pages and change page tiles follow to below tutorials. If you need to learn more, see the advanced functions tutorial below. If you need any further assistance, you can call the friendly team at JABA on 08 8232 2655 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (ACST time) and we will walk you through any changes you need to make to your website via the CMS.

Getting Started with Your Website CMS

First of all, ensure you are editing your XPress website with the Google Chrome Browser. If you do not have Google Chrome web browser you can download it at Google Chrome.


Uploading Images to the Media Library

You can add JPEG, PNG, GIF images or PDFs to your website CMS using the media tab on the left side of the screen and selecting upload files.


Full Width Page Banners

You can create several types of full width banners. You can also change the height of the banners and their positioning on the page.


Basic Text Formatting and Changes

You can edit, add and delete text on your website. The text is conveniently formatted in different settings such as headings and normal paragraph text so you can quickly and easily format your pages.


Previewing and Publishing Pages

You can preview your page changes before making them live on your website. You will also need to publish a page for the public to be able to view the changes you have made. You can use the preview/publish tool to help with this.


Image Galleries

Create an image gallery to visually demonstrate your library of images on the same webpage for users to scroll through.


Changing Page Tiles and Removing Page Tiles

Learn how to remove or add page tiles on an existing page.

To learn how to edit the page tile images, titles or text see editing page tiles and meta data in the advanced functions section below.


Adding Multi Columns

Learn how to add a multi column panel to your website. You can also manage the number of panels within the multi column.


Content Management System Tutorials

Advanced Functions for JABA CMS Version 5

Learn how to add links, update meta data, update the menu, update the contact form and much more by following the below tutorials. You can learn the basic functions above. If you need any further assistance, you can call the friendly team at JABA on 08 8232 2655 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (ACST time) and we will walk you through any changes you need to make to your website via the CMS.

Editing your Website Menu

Edit your website menu to help users find what they're looking for on your website.


Editing Meta Data for Tiles and Search Engines

Learn to change the text and images on your website tiles as well as the meta data on each of your web pages. Meta data and meta images help search engines rank you for your set organic keyword search terms.


Advanced Text Formatting

Structure your website content formatting to optimise your website user's experience and help you rank well on search engines.


Linking and Buttons

You can create links within the text on your website. These links can send users to useful resources such as PDF documents, other web pages within your site, other external websites and create call to action buttons, such as CALL NOW or READ MORE >.


Expanding Panels

Expandable Text Panels are useful for hiding text and images that users may want to read more about that would otherwise clutter your webpage and make it hard for users to read at a glance.


 Updating the Contact Form

Update your contact form email address receiever or update your contact footer details. Also learn how to add the ability for users to attach files to their enquiry submissions.


 Create a New Page

Learn how to create a new blank page in the CMS or make a copy of an existing page.


 Embedding a Video or Google Map

Understand how the embedding tools work. Use these tools to embed YouTube videos and Google Map listings.


 Hiding a Page from Search Engines

Learn how to hide pages or test pages from being indexed by search engines.


 Redirecting a Page

Learn how to redirect a page on your website to a different URL. Send your website users to the correct page rather than the wrong one.


 Edit History - Reverting, Previewing and Publishing

Understand the preview and publish history tool and learn how to see previous changes or undo your changes in the CMS.


 Deleting a Page

Learn how to delete unwanted pages on your website.




You can call JABA on 08 8232 2655 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday for support (excluding public holidays and Christmas break). You can also email us at team@jaba.com.au.

If you experience any errors whilst operating your website CMS, please take a screenshot where possible and send it to us using the contact form below - where you can attach your screenshot and describe the error. We will endevour to get back to you as soon as possible.


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