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Point of Contact

A primary point of contact (Project Manager) will be assigned to your project. Please direct all communications to this person.


Intellectual property (IP) issues are always confusing around software development. To simplify this we break down the aspects into four groups: Website, CMS, 3rd Party Components, custom development.

Each of these components can be considered as owned, licensed or exclusively licensed.

  • The website content is owned by you.
  • The CMS is owned by JABA and licensed to you for this project.
  • If in doubt about your IP, please ask your Project Manager.

Meetings and Presentations

Projects are a collaboration between the client and JABA, and as such require meetings throughout the development. Our budget includes the minimum requirement to achieve the project outcomes, that is, a scoping session, design presentation meeting(s), sign off and client training. If you are looking for additional presentations to be made to committees, boards or additional stakeholders, this can be arranged at an extra cost. Please ask your Project Manager about this.

Meetings are assumed to be scheduled at JABA's city premises unless prior arrangements are made.

Site Tree

Development of a "tree" representing the size and hierarchy of the website is an integral part of assessing the depth and breadth of development required.

Supply of content

You will be expected to provide ‘content' for your website. This includes text, raw images, video or any other items you want included in your project. JABA will assume that all text supplied has been proof-read and spell checked.

As a matter of practice JABA accepts a single batch, which eliminates confusion over different versions, replacements and retractions. JABA will assume that all text supplied has been proof-read and spell checked.

Late delivery of content is a major reason for projects being delayed. Delays in delivering your content to JABA may extend the project timeline.

Please ensure any content (text and images) delivered to and used by JABA in your project meets current copyright laws. That is, you own or have appropriate rights to use it. Copyright clearance on content supplied to JABA is the sole responsibility of the client.

Content should be supplied in digital format, with permission for JABA to manipulate / format to make suitable for the project. Only supply "copies" of content on discs or USB sticks. USB's, CD's and DVD's will not be returned.

Content received after the first batch may attract extra charges to the overall project cost.

As this is such an important issue we remind you again that copyright clearance on content supplied to JABA is the sole responsibility of the client.

JABA Digital Copywriting and Content Development Services

JABA Digital provides web and print copywriting services and content development for websites. Our web copywriting and content development is specifically delivered with SEO features. If your content is written and developed well the first time, your website presence will grow, your website conversion will increase and you will get more leads to your business.

Our content development services include eBooks, infographics, digital story boards, blogs and other content relevant to your business.

You have ten seconds to make a connection with your prospective client and compel them to call you. Words and visuals that tell your story and connect with your website visitor are the most important factor for effective, long term organic (SEO) presence for any small business.

Our copywriting and content development services will:

  • Think of the client’s needs – to create that important first connection
  • Optimise your website language – to motivate your prospective clients to call you.
  • Develop compelling content – so that others will want to share it.
  • Fine tune your marketing messages – to present your business succinctly and as the expert in your field.

The services will be costed after discussion with client. When the client agrees to begin copywriting work, a deposit of 30% is required. Balance of invoice is sent at completion of copywriting services.

Archiving and Working files

The creation of a digital project potentially involves very large numbers of working files and different versions which JABA manages in delivering a final product. There should be no expectation by the client that these working files will be kept after the conclusion of the project, or that those files will be made available to the client.

Web projects, by their very nature are continuously evolving, so a backup at the time of going live will be out-of-date immediately. JABA relies on the rotating backup-services of most ISPs to ensure an ability to recover from a data-loss situation.

Hosting (ISP) selection

We strongly recommend JABA's own hosting facility for our websites.

We also work with other ISP's that meet specific requirements to host the solution being developed for you. Alternate hosting arrangements will attract hourly fees related to customisation or the selection process.

Marketing, Search Engines and Social Networking

Marketing and promoting your website is essential to its success. JABA can provide a quote on options for SEO Data entry and Search Engine submissions.

Social networking integration can vary from a "like" button through to custom App development. Please discuss with your Project Manager exact clarification on what level of integration you require.

Creating social media accounts and customising the pages/channels is a separate body of work to developing a website. It requires critical thinking about names and structures to ensure business and creative continuity across various sites.

Titles, Keywords and Descriptions

Titles, keywords and descriptions are non-visible, but are an important part of making your website visible to search engines. Please consider providing these key words with your content to ensure they are entered within the project. Basic titling and descriptions will be added in the absence of any being supplied. Please ask your Project Manager for some assistance in this area. A lesson about best practices for these items can be included in your budgeted training session.

Browsers and Screen Sizes

Projects delivered via web browsers will be made suitable for the current generation of browsers and one version previous.

A minimum expected screen size is selected so that we can maximise the size of screen graphics and design.

Unless specifically detailed the project will be designed for use on computers rather than mobile, tablet or webTV applications.

CMS, Ecommerce & Enewsletter Training

There are many levels of training that JABA can provide.

  • Learn how to input text and images into CMS, create and edit pages and sections, as well as publish and delete pages and sections.
  • Training briefly covers preparation of images and assumes you have access to Photoshop or similar.
  • Training briefly covers metadata. (titles, alternate text, keywords, descriptions for search engines)
  • Enewsletter training covers principles of creating and sending enewsletters, and techniques to maximise the number of read emails.

Training is a maximum of 1 (trainer) to 2 (students) and is held at JABA.

Authors Corrections / Variation of brief

It is understood that in some circumstances variation in the work requested will occur after the project has commenced. These are often opportunities to improve the outcome, however in these situations a change in price may occur.

Variations usually centre around changes requested by the client to the amount or type of work that has been scoped and allowed for in the agreed budget.

Any changes in price (due to a client's corrections or production variations) will be notified before the cost has been incurred.

Third party fees

Third party fees and charges (couriers, bank fees, web hosting, dns, dsl, ssl, printing, electronic delivery of adverts) may be organized on your behalf by JABA and are payable direct to the provider of the service. JABA does not charge a loading on these services.

As most interactions can be done electronically there is little need for couriers in multimedia projects. If a client specifically requests something be couriered, it will attract a fee not included in the agreed budget. This is to cover the cost of packaging, handling and the external courier costs.

Domain names, Email

Domain names are an important facet of web-development. The correct selection of an available name is a consultancy role that JABA offers.

The registration and hosting of domain names can be bundled services from some providers, with varying methods of updating. The level of support you require in maintaining your domain name, hosting and configuration can be negotiated.

Email addresses and email servers are tightly coupled with your domain name. Badly handled domain name changes can affect your ability to receive emails. Email setup and configuration is separate to a website project, however JABA can provide very competent consultancy on this issue.

Changes to domain names take varying lengths of time to take affect across the world. In a scheduled and planned way these can be minimised, but are largely outside of the control of JABA.


Budgets that contain a contingency are made to cover any minor differences in actual versus budgeted costs. JABA will advise when part or all of the contingency is required.


During the project you will be asked to approve stages of work prior to moving on to the next stage. These include treatment and design, technical functions and go-live.

After a milestone sign off, changes to previous work are considered a variation to the project and will incur an additional charge.

A single point of contact, at the client end, will be required to approve milestones throughout the project.


JABA will provide invoices at agreed milestones throughout the development process. The first of these will be an invoice for project initiation of 30% of the project agreed budget. The initiation deposit must be paid prior to JABA commencing the project.

Terms of credit are 14 days from invoice. Late or non payment may delay the project and incur additional recovery costs.

Changes to the charged amount may be negotiated during the project.

Ownership of purchased items/works does not change hands until full payment is received.

Should the project be delayed, changed, or suspended due to client requests, periodic payments or additional charges may be negotiated.

Any websites that are not apporved for go live after 30 days of JABA providing the finished staging website will be invoice the full project amount. Any initiation of go live, after those 30 days may incur additional fees.

After Sales Support (JABA Support Line)

There are three options to choose from.

  1. Casual Hours - $140 +GST per hour
  2. *Pre Paid Blocks (5 hour block) - $120 +GST per hour
  3. Maintenance Agreement (12 month contract) - negotiable

*Pre Paid Blocks will expire within 12 months from date of purchase.

Quotation validity

Estimates are valid for 30 days. Estimates are based on the brief and scope of the project determined prior to commencement of the project. If the scope of the project varies from the initial brief the estimate may change. JABA will notify the client of any variations in cost to the initial project scope that arises from the clients request.

Our standard hourly rate is $140 +GST per hour for creative concepts and/or design, $140 +GST per hour for creative or technical production and $140 +GST per hour for content entry. Our minimum time-block is 15 mins.


JABA holds Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance as required by Government.

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