One of Adelaide's most successful and respected real estate sales and rental property management companies.

Our honest and ethical approach to all elements of real estate has built a client base which spans right across the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Turner Real Estate's sales and property management teams are highly experienced and respected for their knowledge and hard-working approach, which leaves clients feeling completely confident when buying, selling, investing or renting property.


The website development for Turner Real Estate required integration with RealEstate.com along with showcasing the rental properties available.

Turner Real Estate's website development required significant customisation, including integration with RealEstate.com. Customised rotating banners and staff banners allow users to view the range of properties available and the number of real estate agents at Turner's. The website design of a unique property search filter improves user experience and enhances the branding of Turner Real Estate.

The customsised property listings for buying, selling and renting boosts user experience in finding the the right property for you.




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A wide range of JABA websites are controlled by our Content Management System (CMS), which continues to evolve with emerging technologies. The JABA CMS can be specifically customised for each client, allowing editing of content via a web browser. New and past versions of the JABA CMS are currently used by government, large corporations, sporting clubs, regional tourism operators and small businesses.



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