Victim Support Service (VSS) provides free and confidential help to adult victims of crime, witnesses, their family, and friends across South Australia.

VSS works in partnership with other organisations, they are not a government agency or part of the police and you don't have to report a crime to get their help.

Victim Support Service are working hard to improve support for victims of crime and their families in South Australia. They do this by listening to victims of crime, acknowledging their needs, and empowering them to have their voice heard at every level of Government and the justice system.


Victim Support Service required a website design that reached as many victims of violence in South Australia as possible.

JABA began this project for Victim Support Service with a brand design to demonstrate the solidarity between adult victims of crime. JABA Drones complete a photoshoot to utilise and style the website design. JABA continues to provide support for the maintenance of the website as it continues to grow with useful information and content.

The website design includes potentially life saving information for victims of violence for both support and legal aid.




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