Walker Crash Repairs is one of Adelaide’s longest standing, one-stop crash repair workshops for cars, caravans, vans and 4WD’s.

They are a family owned crash repair business which began more than 40 years ago in 1976. The entire team is incredibly passionate about cars and aare dedicated to restoring damaged cars to factory level condition. The team at Walker Crash Repairs are incredibly friendly and helpful with great customer service. They are regarded by their clients as highly efficient and supportive in your time of need. The team boast a laundry list of positive feedback from their clients.


Walker Crash Repairs sought a new and modern website design to enhance their digital marketing strategy.

Walker Crash Repairs' required a new website with a modern design to compete in the digital landscape. The new website included copywriting for fresh and engaging content with their audience to attract viewers and for search engine optimisation. JABA also conducted a photoshoot of the Walker Crash Repairs workshop to visually demonstrate the quality of services that are provided. The website development was also coupled with a radio marketing campaign which showcased the new content and design developed by JABA. The new and modern website design incorporated tile navigation with crisp and clean imagery. A rotating text element was also developed specificaly to showcase the large number of high praise testimonials received by Walker Crash Repairs' clients.




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