Unearth the unforgettable experiences that Whyalla has to offer. 

Located on Eyre Peninsula’s Spencer Gulf in South Australia, Whyalla is an important hub and the region’s biggest city for retail shopping. Whyalla boasts a warm climate, accessible ocean shores and saltwater fishing. Whyalla represents South Australia’s foremost combination of industrial and nature-based experiences. With vivid scenery, small city charm, distinctive mystic outback landscapes and year-round things to do, Whyalla offers discovery, unique Australian natural wonders and absolute contrast in nature based and industrial activities. Activities that are significant to the landscape and geography of the region that will enthral and gratify those looking to unearth and experience learning, adventure time and witness unrivalled sights and happenings. 

Whyalla boasts a warm climate, accessible ocean shores and saltwater fishing. Whyalla represents South Australia's foremost combination of industrial and nature based experiences.

Discover the natural Australian wonders with vivid scenery infused within the small city charm and distinctive mystic outback landscapes that Whyalla has to offer. Search and book your accommodation for your stay and research the best things to do that you can't skip during your trip.

Be enchanted by the amazing sunsets and picturesque landscapes whilst experiences thrilling one of a kind adventures.


JABA created this regional tourism website after a series of research studies to find out how to build the ultimate website for tourism in 2017.

The Whyalla tourism website project was a unique opportunity to test the theories earned and has since proved to be highly successful. This site then set the structure and style used for all other JABA regional tourism websites.

Whyalla needed a new website that showcased the unique experiences and tourism opportunities within and surrounding the Whyalla township. JABA acheived their vison with the video masterhead that shows detail to what lies below the ocean in Whyalla. The tile navigation and video masterheads instantly get a visual representation to what Whyalla has to offer. The website design also shows other experiences that are avaliable when you visit Whyalla. The integration of Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) enables users to locate registered events, accommodation, restaurants and cafes within the Whyalla Region for the ultimate tourism website design and experience.




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JABA spent time in late 2016 working with a number of international researchers to find out how to build the ultimate website for regional and local tourism operators in 2017. The research included SEO strategies that maximise Google searches, font recall studies and current user trends on all devices. JABA has since applied these learnings to create a series of spectacular regional tourism websites.



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